Community Partner Briefing: 1/11/2022

Community Partner Briefing – Monday, January 10, 2022 

I hope this briefing finds you well. Over the past several months the Heroes at Monmouth Medical Center (MMC) and  Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus (MMCSC) have been preparing for a resurgence of COVID-19 while  providing outstanding care to our community. This diligence has prepared us well for what we are currently  experiencing in our hospitals.  

With increased virus transmission and rate of hospitalizations within our communities, I am reinstating our Community  Partner Briefing to share critical information on Mondays. If you would like specific questions addressed, please contact  Maria Caputo at [email protected] or Teri Kubiel at [email protected].  

Currently at MMC and MMCSC: 

Both hospitals began to see a marked increase in COVID-19 patients over the past three weeks. All patients  are safely being cared for on dedicated COVID-19 patient care units. 

Elective surgeries and other elective invasive procedures have been postponed to allow staff to be  redeployed to high volume areas such as the Emergency Departments, Intensive Care Units and Medical  inpatient units. All emergent and urgent surgical cases continue to be performed under strict safety  precautions, and all patients are being tested for COVID-19 and screened for symptoms.  

MMCSC has postponed all outpatient radiology and screening procedures. This change allows staff to be  redeployed to high volume areas. We can also dedicate these critical resources to ensure timely testing of  our patients within the hospital.  

Patient visitation is currently restricted as per guidance of the New Jersey Department of Health and New  Jersey Hospital Association. Please visit or for the most  up-to-date visitation guidelines. 

A strict terminal cleaning protocol remains in place in all patient care areas, with frequent cleaning of all  common areas.  

We have appropriate supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and patient care equipment to meet  the growing demand. 

Our COVID-19 patients are being offered all evidence-based testing and treatments, as clinically appropriate.  This includes pharmaceutical treatments and therapeutic options.

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MMC and MMCSC are not currently offering COVID-19 PCR or antigen testing for our community. Our  limited testing resources are being reserved for patients within our hospital and ensuring our staff are well  and safe to provide care.  

Both hospitals continue to offer all available COVID-19 vaccines in our Vaccination Clinics. Please visit to  schedule your initial course or booster vaccines.  

Thank you for being a Hero for Health by continuing to support and model mask wearing, safe physical distancing and  regular hand hygiene. Your commitment is helping keep our community safe, and allows us to provide essential  healthcare services to those we serve. Please continue to be safe and take care of yourselves.