Economic & Recovery: News Release: 7/20/2022

July 20, 2022
Content Curated By Scott Goldstein
  • U.S. health insurers raise rates to match increase in usage.
  • CDC endorses more traditional Novavax COVID shot for adults.
  • New billboards in states that restrict abortion urge businesses to come to N.J.
U.S. Health Insurers Raise Rates to Match Increase in Usage
After putting off routine health care for much of the pandemic, Americans are returning to doctors’ offices in big numbers – leading to higher insurance rates. Health insurers in individual marketplaces across 13 states and Washington D.C. will raise rates an average of 10% next year, according to a review of rate filings by the Kaiser Family Foundation. (The Associated Press)
CDC Endorses More Traditional Novavax COVID-19 Shot for Adults
U.S. adults who haven’t gotten any COVID-19 shots yet should consider a new option from Novavax – a more traditional kind of vaccine, health officials said Tuesday. Regulators authorized the nation’s first so-called protein vaccine against COVID-19 last week, but the final hurdle was a recommendation from the CDC. (The Associated Press)
New Billboards in States that Restrict Abortion Urge Businesses to Come to New Jersey
“Best education system. Laws that protect women’s rights. #1 ranked place to live. Choose New Jersey,” read billboards that are funded by the group Choose New Jersey. That’s the message the business-funded nonprofit is sending to people in four states – Georgia, Florida, Missouri, and Texas – by way of a billboard campaign that will run through the end of the month. (
Car Thefts in New Jersey are Up 37% from Last Year
Cars have quite possibly never been harder to get than they are now. That’s opened the door for a spike in car thefts statewide. "There’s clearly a car theft ring going on here, especially in the northern part of the state," said Congressman Josh Gottheimer. "They get driven right to the port of Newark, get put into a container, loaded on a ship and sent overseas.” (NJ Spotlight News)
New Jersey Gas Prices are Expected to Dip Below $4 this Week
The cost of gas in New Jersey and nationwide is expected to dip below $4 a gallon this week. Several factors are driving down the price, including cutbacks in demand and fears of a global recession impacting oil prices. But economists warn of a seesaw effect – the prices likely won’t last and could creep up again later this summer. The average in New Jersey is right around $4.57 for regular gas. A week ago it was more than 10 cents higher at $4.69 and a month ago it peaked at $5 a gallon. (NJ Spotlight News)
We Asked N.J. Chamber Members: What Books are You Reading and What are the Business Lessons?
"My book of choice is 'Play Big' by Dr. Jen Welter, the first woman to coach in the NFL. She says that if you are in a position of power, don’t say no too quickly. Don’t tell people what they can’t accomplish. Listen, let people dream big and see if you can provide tools to help them accomplish their goals." - Nick Malefyt, president, Master Search. Read more here. (N.J. Chamber of Commerce)
NJ Chamber Virtual Discussion Series on Diversity, Equality & Inclusion
July 28: Women in the Workplace: Lessons from the Navy
U.S. Navy Commander Evita Salles, a native of Neptune, N.J., will join us for an exclusive conversation about the Navy's innovative strategies to support the recruitment, retention and advancement of women. This event is part of our series focused on creating more equitable work environments for women and to uplift the voices of women in the workplace everywhere. For complimentary registration, click here. (N.J. Chamber of Commerce)
Looking to Get Vaccinated? Here's an Easy Way to Find COVID-19 Vaccines Near You.
Just punch in your area code. You can even search for a specific vaccine. (
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