NJ Chamber of Commerce: Economic Recovery and Reopening Update 06.07.2021

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Economic Recovery & Reopening Update
June 7, 2021
Content Curated By Scott Goldstein
  • No masks, no emergency and far fewer cases. New Jersey winds down the pandemic response.  
  • Open schools, mandated vaccines for healthcare workers, vaccine passports. What most N.J. residents want as the health emergency comes in for a landing.

  • Missed out on the Paycheck Protection Program? There are other business loan opportunities. 
No Masks, No Emergency and Far Fewer Cases. New Jersey Winds Down the Pandemic Response.  
Case numbers have significantly declined, hospitalizations are at a level not seen in nine months and fatalities are a tiny fraction of what they were. New Jersey has lifted most infection-control measures and businesses can welcome customers indoors and out. While many recognize the virus is still among us, it seems people are comfortable with this evolution in the public response. (NJ Spotlight News) 
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Here’s What Most New Jersey Residents Want as the Health Emergency Comes in For a Landing
A majority of people in New Jersey support the reopening of schools, mandated vaccines for healthcare workers, and vaccine passports, according to the latest Rutgers-Eagleton poll. (nj.com
N.J. Executives Talk About How their Organizations are Responding to the COVID-19 Vaccine Drive 
Some New Jersey companies are encouraging their employees to get vaccinated – in the name of health and safely reopening the economy. We asked N.J. Chamber members to talk about what their organizations are doing. Here is what they said. (N.J. Chamber of Commerce) 
An Employer’s Guide to COVID-19 Vaccines 
Check out this COVID-19 vaccine resource center for info, tools and templates that your business can use during the current phase of the pandemic response - including vaccine messaging that works. (U.S. Chamber of Commerce) 
Nearly 6 in 10 New Jersey Adults are Fully Vaccinated. Is that Good? 
The state has set a goal of having 70% of its 6.9 million adult residents vaccinated by the end of June. As of Friday, about 57% of adults in New Jersey have been fully vaccinated. If almost 20% of New Jersey adults don’t get vaccinated, will the state achieve herd immunity? It's hard to say, but some experts talk it out. (nj.com
Missed Out on the Paycheck Protection Program? Here are Other Business Loan Opportunities. 
The deadline for PPP loans has passed. But there are other loan opportunities you may have access to. You just have to know where to look. This guide outlines small business loans and alternative funding options. (U.S. Chamber of Commerce) 
Program Designed to Encourage PPE Manufacturing in N.J. Gets Draft Rules 
The New Jersey Economic Development Authority released a draft of the rules for the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Manufacturing Tax Credit, a three-year program that will provide tax credits to organizations that manufacture PPE in New Jersey. For more information, click here. (N.J. Economic Development Authority) 
The State has Not Yet Reopened Critical Day Care Programs for Adults with Medical Conditions Like Dementia and Alzheimer’s 
The state reopened facilities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, but not for adults with challenging medical conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Families and advocates want to know: When? (NJ Spotlight News) 
Tuesday is a Big Date on N.J.’s Elections Calendar — Primary Election Day  
Voters will choose the Democratic and Republican nominees for governor, state Legislature, and local races. Unlike last year, you can vote in person at voting machines this time. For information on the elections, click here. (nj.com
The State is Setting Up Vaccine Clinics Hosted by Employers  
The state Health Department is pairing vaccine providers with employers to create on-site vaccine pop-up clinics. The Health Department is asking employers interested in hosting a clinic at no cost to take this survey. (N.J. Department of Health)
New Jersey Released an Employers Guide to the COVID-19 Vaccine 
The guide recommends actions employers can take to promote COVID-19 vaccines. The guide calls the vaccines "a key enabler of the new normal and New Jersey’s economic recovery from the pandemic." To read the guide, click here. (The New Jersey Department of Health)
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N.J. Coronavirus Cases
Total Confirmed Deaths Reported: 23,601
Total Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Reported: 888,927
Fully Vaccinated People in N.J.: 4,372,532
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